October 8 – SPIFFest’s Youth Film Intensive 2016-2017

YFI Student Screenings and Screenwriting Workshop:  How To Tell A Story In Film

Ivolve Media Arts Center at The Space

Student Film Screenings: 11am-12:30pm
Writing Workshop:  12:30pm-2pm

Workshop is led by Writer/Filmmaker Rich Samuels, with Producer/Writer/Directors Todd Felderstein, and Dawn Higginbotham

SPIFFest is proud of our Youth Film Intensive program, an educational initiative for students ages 13-23 to learn the filmmaking process from a faculty of film and television professionals, free of charge, and here in San Pedro.  To commemorate SPIFFest’s 5-year milestone and our fifth program year,  themed “Facing Your Fears” we are introducing a Short Film (5 minutes) Screenplay Competition for 2016-2017 and kick it off with a very special Writer’s Workshop event at SPIFFest  2016 on October 8.

And we will screen our 2016 student documentary films featuring San Pedro artists Peggy Sivert Zask, Ben Zask, Adrienne Wade, Ricky Hernandez, Ben Avila, and films featuring 102 year old violin player Harold Hall and Warner Grand Theatre Manager Lee Sweet.

The workshop is led by YFI’s Rich Samuels, a writer/filmmaker, whose award-winning Alexander book trilogy features a boy facing, overcoming and triumphing over his outrageous fears of everyday life.  He’ll also sign copies of his books, “My Life at the Bottom of the Food Chain,” “Own the Scrawny” and “My Epic Life”.

Two screenplay winners will be chosen and produced as part of the Youth Film Intensive (YFI) in Spring 2017.