PANEL: VR, Augmented & Mixed Reality

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Is it hype or the next generation of entertainment? Viewers are beginning to have varied access to immersive entertainment experiences. 2016 was the year of the mass market VR headsets. Hollywood studios and broadcasters are trying to work out how to capitalize on the the potential of VR in film, TV and entertainment.
Even major film festivals such as Sundance and Tribeca, are promoting immersive content from independent filmmakers. Advances in VR cinema with the evolution of technologies, including, 360 and UHD 4K have enabled immersion that puts the viewer inside the experience. Will this propel a new industry of Simulation in the theater or the living room? Our top industry panelists tackle these questions and more, as we look at the state of the immersive entertainment industry.
VR/AR demos before panel  1:30-2:45pm • Experience the HTC VIVE  • Meet the panelists!
Panel starts @ 2:45-4pm
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Mary T Duda: VR pioneer, Media Ecology Expert, CEO/President at SciOart Inc

Mary T Duda has been a multimedia technology industry leader, fine artist, author and forward thinker for over three decades. Starting out with the technological explosion in the early 1980’s, Duda developed a reputation as an authoritative voice on the development and application of multimedia technology. After founding her own multimedia company in 1981, Duda Design, Inc., she quickly gained acclaim by producing Disney World’s EPCOT Grand Opening (1983), which utilized multimedia in ways never before realized. Upon completion of her work with Disney, Duda became the leading multimedia architect for the Los Angeles Olympic Committee. Duda then went on to work with AFI (American Film Institute), the U.S. Government, the Canadian Government and to develop next generation ‘edutainment’ programs for publisher Houghton Mifflin.  At UCLA, 1987-97, Duda worked to improve and establish the computer graphics and interactive media certificate programs.
In 1996, Duda pioneered the production team that was responsible for “A Virtual Day in Paris,” which was one of the first live cybercasts in history sponsored by APPLE Paris. In 2000, Duda established Virtue Arts, a technology software company. As CEO/President of Virtue Arts, Duda has used her extensive knowledge of multimedia and software to develop industry leading software tools. In 2003, Duda launched VirtuePlay, a digital game software developer dedicated to games and virtual reality applications. In 2006. VirtuePlay released the first VR simulation of the 3D Lunar surface using NASA’s data, to run VR on normal laptop computers with motion seats and military grade HMD’s. In 2013, Duda created the MoonPlay brand to merge VR games with simulation using NASA’s planetary data. 2016, SciOart was launched and will release in 2017 the virtual worlds of combining simulation and fun experiences for ‘stealth’ education.

Shelley Andagan: Head Of Post Production at 3DPaint/FX

Shelley has managed the completion of over 30 VR experiences in 2016 and 2017, including “The Last Goodbye,” “Protectors: Walk In The Rangers’ Shoes,” “The Possible – Hoverboard,” and “My Mother’s Wing,” all which debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival.  She, with the 3DPaint/FX team, were proud to be a part of these 360 films ranging from scripted to documentary-style projects receiving attention at the MaiTai Global Ocean Gala, VRFest, & SXSW in 2016 along with the 74th Venice Film Festival, Emmy’s, Paris Virtual Film Festival & the Webby’s in 2017.  Shelley also supervises stereoscopic conversion projects for the company’s virtual reality and traditional film clients while directing the company’s worldwide team, liaising with clients, and coordinating business development strategies with the CEO.

Dulce Baerga: CEO River Studios

Since 1996, Dulce have spent most of her career wearing many different hats from a LAMP developer to team leader to her current role as Chief Executive Officer of River Studios. In 2017, she was hand-picked by the executive leadership of River Ecosystem to rebirth of River Studios, and to serve as the catalyst of elevating VR/AR content including our flagship product Quarterback Snap. Dulce’s technical background, as a full stack engineer and avid multi stack developer allows her a unique insight to understand the potential and limitations of technologies from an engineering level that few other futurists experience can match.

Jennifer Fader: EVP – Spark PR Consultant Network at Spark PR and Founder, Bring in Fader Jennifer Fader is a 20 year veteran of PR and marketing and a pioneer in digital/social media.

Fader co-founded the first social  media marketing agency in the US, SocialRadius in 2006, where she pioneered the use of social media for consumer and B2B brands.   In 2007, her firm was acquired by Rogers & Cowan, the largest entertainment marketing agency in the world (an Interpublic Agency) where she built and oversaw the agency’s first social media department. In that role, she led, designed and executed award winning campaigns for clients including: The Recording Academy (Grammy Awards) : First ever social media campaign, Coty Inc., The Streamy Awards: designed and executed first awards show streamed online (now in its 6th year), Avon Voices: Global (60 market) digital talent competition, Coca-Cola and Guru Energy Drinks. She began her career promoting luxury fragrances and cosmetics for Lancaster USA,, owned by Coty Inc where she managed PR for a portfolio of over 10 international brands and led the effort to digitize marketing for the company in 1995 setting industry standards. She also launched, designed and executed the first ever Twitter campaign in 2008 for Live Earth, an international concert series and orchestrated the eventual rescue of Euna Ling, sister of reporter Lisa Ling from captivity from a North Korean prison through the development of the first ever hashtag campaign to spur political action – #SaveEuna was a historical campaign Fader led on a pro bono basis and changed the way the world uses Twitter.

Jordan Mann: 360/VR – Producer at Path of Jordan

Jordan began working in the 360/VR field while at WEVR, where she was a VR production specialist. There she worked on the pioneering Samsung VR Series, entitled “Gone,” a Deepak Chopra project, Sports Illustrated, among others. Since then she’s worked on projects for Nickelodeon, RYOT, Jet Propulsion Lab and a few Youtube celebrities.

Gregory Panos: Chief Philosophical Officer at Persona Foundation

Gregory Peter Panos is a futurist, visionary, writer, educator, philosopher and evangelist in the field of virtual & augmented reality, human simulation, and human avatar character development. Greg has worked with NASA / Rockwell using real-time simulation to visualize the Space Station, and with organizations in the CGI / VisFX industry for motion pictures, television, virtual reality, and virtual actors performance Animation. He co-founded the “Performance Animation Society”, was twice chair, and twice co-chair, of SIGGRAPH (Los Angeles Chapter), and he authored the “Virtual Reality Sourcebook.” Greg has raised consciousness and created community and collaboration in the area of human simulation through the creation of the “Persona Foundation” where he demonstrates state-of-the-art emerging developments.

Audri Phillips: Immersive Media specialist/ Digital Animator/Art Director and Designer

For Immersive technologies, VR/AR/Fulldome. A visualist/ 3d animator, Audri designs and creates digital content/animations for a variety of formats: full dome shows, Oculus Rift, Samsung GearVR, and other VR headsets, film, television, web and immersive events/ environments as well as doing VJ work and building mapping. I also am an adjunct professor at Woodbury University and teach classes to all age levels. I recently taught a 12 week course in multi-media to 9 to 12 year old students at Create now and the Hope Center that culminated in the children having their work shown in the Vortex Immersion Dome. I last designed and created an interactive dance performance piece in the Vortex Dome using TouchDesigner and Maya. A major performance in the Vortex Immersion dome was with musician Steve Roach. I was the visualist designing/creating/animating and performing all of the shows visuals.
Being a resident artist of Vortex Immersion gives me access to their facilities and the chance to work with them when different projects come through, such as doing animations for the NBC dome theater presentation of Constantine at Comic-Con. Other shows I design and create all of the animated content for such as “Migrations”​, an hour long project with musicians most notably No’a Lazerus.The event took place in the Vortex Immersion dome and was completely sold out. Blue Apple was a performance with a dance company in the dome. I designed and created all the digital and live action for the performance. Recently founded the Hybrid Reality Studio.

Iddris Sandu: Visionary Innovator, CTO SciOart

Iddris has built a resume working with various companies, at the age of 20,

artists and professionals implementing his “future-proof” like qualities into his projects. He was featured in the press as an outstanding student on Los Angeles in 2016. President Obama hosted Iddris at the Whitehouse. He has worked for Twitter as an Infrastructure Operations Engineer. Instagram doing algorithm Geo-location services. At SnapChat he worked on SnapChat glasses and story Ui design. At Uber, he led a software engineering team to create the autonomous driver experience. He has worked in visual based artificial intelligence and was the lead systems engineer at SMIXXIT. His creativity and genius problem solving is beyond cutting edge. The Wireless Charging Table, Lifestyle One Wearable, Project ACDI, Kera (a new intelligent personal assistance system), Artificial Intelligence, Iris

Scan Technology, AIPE (Advanced Imaging Processing Experience) and C-Space. Iddris has created a niche for developing apps and futuristic technologies while keeping their potential implications in mind. With an audience base consisting of millennials and GenXers, his adaptive communication skills and demonstrations are reflective of placing our world’s’ problems into perspective and providing solutions. “He’s revolutionizing the way technology is created and used.” – said musician Will.I.Am.