Student Short Films

October 8 • 2:00 pm
At The Space on Pacific

Buying Bouquets

A disillusioned ‘romantic’ tries to win back the love of his life by teaming up with a flower shop owner to perform grand gestures of love.

Directed by Evan Yee

USA, 9 min 52 sec

The Pitch

Madison Halley, pitcher of the Comets, is visited by a legend from baseball’s past, who reveals secret about her father the team’s coach that threatens the championship and her family.

Directed by Colin Sprigg

USA, 23 min


A young, determined EMT and her jaded, veteran partner fight to keep an unexpected patient alive in the back of their ambulance.

Directed by Michael Rich

USA, 13 min 5 sec

Any Elsewhere

After his van is stolen in the middle of the night with him inside, Joe, a drifter, finds himself on the run with Maggie, a runaway, from government agents because Maggie supposedly has superpowers.

Directed by Brandon Karsh

USA, 20 min 13 sec

If You Had Something Beautiful

If You Had Something Beautiful.

Directed by Laura Leigh Hicks

USA, 1 min

Gardeners of the Forest

For generations, Laos was known as the Land of a Million Elephants. Today, there are around 600 elephants left in Laos. If the Laotian elephants become extinct, not only does it mean a loss of one of the largest mammals on earth but also the loss for Laotian history and culture. This documentary will explore how the Chinese market, deforestation, and tourism all play a role in the imminent extinction of elephants in Laos.

Directed by Ceylan Carhoglu and Nicole Jordan-Webber

USA, Lao Peoples Democratic Republic 14 min 32 sec

Wild at Heart

A story about Cheryl and Tom Millham, who strive to save traumatized and dying animals in the mountains, and the journey of the couples lives and marriage as they prepare to move on from their lifes work.

Directed by Gabriel Carnick

USA, 12 Hours 59 min