Short Cuts Mixed

Short Films, Webisodes, and Music Videos Collection

October 9 • 3:00 pm • 86 mins
At Warner Grand Theatre


After being prescribed his third antidepressant, Charlie returns home only to have his Craigslist roommate Miles toilet flush his pills and kidnap him to see a sunrise over the ocean. Tension mounts as the fast talking road trip drives us to the bottom of Charlie’s pain and to the impending sunrise on the coast, where life could begin or end, literally… And then there are chinchillas.

Directed by Scott Simonsen

Short Film – USA, 21 min

The Fort

David has just been laid off from his job. Instead of telling his wife, Lyndsay, he decides to build a blanket fort in his living room. But Lyndsay has a secret of her own and she’s not quite ready to fess up yet either.

Directed by Randy Overland

Short Film – USA, 16 min

Guardian Angel

Maddie believes she is chosen by God to be a Guardian Angel and she takes vengeance against those who harm the innocent.

Directed by Ralph Odierna

Short Film – USA, 14 min

The Option

Faced with a difficult choice after leaving their doctor, a couple has to commit to working together through complicated times for their family. The close-knit relationship of the two individuals is under stress, and their future as a family is in questions.

Directed by Jonathon Michals

Short Film – USA, 9 min 6 sec

Breaking Bread, ep1; Italian Modern

Breaking Bread is a series based around the Pop-Up Dinner Party where people come together for an evening of fine dining and conversation hosted by cuisine writer and gastronome Gina Ruccione.

Directed by Jeff Gatesman

Short Film – USA, 7 min

Kings of Fi$h

The first episode of Kings of Fi$h introduces the cast and family members who own and operate the San Pedro Fish Market. This busy waterfront seafood restaurant atmosphere is sure to drum up some excitement!

Directed by Tim Regan Wasmundt

Webisode – USA, 5 min 21 sec

A Single Girls Guide: A Day at the Beach

These days, women are staying single longer than ever before, and marriage isnt the right path for everyone. Thankfully, you dont have to be in a relationship to get the most out of life. So why wait to see amazing places and do incredible things?

Directed by Malinda Fugate

Webisode – USA

Little Party Queen

In a world of glitter and skin-tight Lycra, will Travis regain his honour during this final and reckless Chinese Finger Wrestling duel against Hogan, his sworn enemy?

Directed by Etienne Fu-Le Saulnier

Music Video – France, 3 min 8 sec

Don Giovanni – Jure Pockaj

“A short film in the form of a music video for an original arrangement for piano and performance by Jure Pockaj of a famous aria Deh, Vieni Alla Finestra from Mozart’s opera Don Giovanni.”

Directed by Martin Horvat

Music Video – USA, 2min 14 sec