Short Cuts #1

Short Films Collection

October 8 • 4:30 pm • 92 mins
At The Space


After a cataclysmic event makes Earth uninhabitable, clones are sent to space to preserve humanity. Once Earth is ready for life again, a clone girl on the planets evolved surface alone. She quickly adapts to the forest wilderness she lives in, but yearns for real human connection in her life.

Directed by Brodin Plett

USA, 17 min 32 sec

Simon, First and Only

A remarkable young boy with psychic powers hurtles through Scotland’s ancient capital to try a prevent the death of a friend in a deadly confrontation with a deranged killer.

Directed by Magnus Wake

UK, 8 min 2 sec

Scratch on Metal

An original dramatic short about a military family struggling to preserve itself in the face of a selfish needs and wants of each individual.

Directed by Marina Viscun

USA, 4 min

The Lottery

Billy, a starving  orphan, steals a winning lottery ticket from the town drunkard only to later question and doubt his own morality.

Directed by Han Rui Wang

USA, 13 min 14 sec


A woman revisits her failed relationship with ex lovers to determine why she failed.

Directed by Geoffrey Campbell

USA, 17 min

El Camino

A female travels across Post Apocalyptic Mexico in search for California, only to be dragged into a vicious Civil War.

Directed by Jordan Santacana

USA, 16 min 33 sec

Jessica California USA

Jessica’s need to get away from her small town is tested when an unexpected pregnancy forces her to make a defining choice in life. Part I of a series of short films about identities in our modern world.

Directed by Rafael Moraes

USA, Brazil 15 min 53 sec