October 8 – Shattered Families: The Collapse of America’s Mental Health System

A film by Dr. Steven Seager & Nicole Forston

(50 mins)

3p at Warner Grand Theatre

Screening & Panel Discussion

“Shattered Families” tells the story of our national mental health system nightmare through the eyes of the families that have been devastated by our national failings; this film is our attempt to change America’s national mental health disaster.

Seeking treatment, families and patient’s face federal and state laws that actively deny sick people care. They face a system that supports homelessness and encourages treatment refusal. Today, 1,300,000 persons with SMI languish in prison – often in solitary confinement. Often in prisons run by companies whose profits depend on incarcerating more and more mentally ill persons.  350,000 persons with SMI rot on our urban streets. Many are shot by police. Most die 20 years sooner than expected. And their families must stand by helplessly and watch this happen.