The Usual Suspects + Q&A with
Director by Bryan Singer

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world he didn’t exist. A sole survivor tells of the twisty events leading up to a horrific gun battle on a boat, which begin when five criminals meet at a seemingly random police lineup.

20th Anniversary Screening • Q&A with Bryan Singer

San Pedro’s historic Korean Bell, Angels Gate Park appear in this iconic film, Bryan Singer’s dazzling who-done-it puzzle that grabbed film-goers and dazzled with cinematography and locations that became characters in the movie. Singer joined us for a celebratory capacity crowd opening night.



A mystical tree, shrouded in religious lore, leads a once powerful lawyer sidelined by a life threatening disease to a remote corner of Sicily. He struggles to discover the secret of the tree’s medicinal leaves. “The Tree” intersects faith, doubt and belief for all those that come into contact with its unique ability to heal.

Written and Directed by Ante Novakovic
USA, 2015, RT: 96mins


Set in 2030s Vietnam when water levels have risen due to global climate change that causes as much as half the farmland to be submerged. To subsist, people have to live on houseboats and fish with a depleting supply. Huge multinational conglomerates compete to build floating farms to produce the needed vegetables that have become highly priced commodities. The story follows a young woman in her journey to find out the truth about the murder of her husband whom she suspected has been killed by the people of a floating farm. She ends up finding different “truths” about her husband’s death and has to make a dramatic decision. Is there any absolute truth? Or is it all a magic realism?

Written and Directed by Minh Nguyen-Vo
Vietnam, 2014, RT: 96mins



A feature documentary on African American ballerina Misty Copeland that examines her prodigious rise, her potentially career ending injury alongside themes of race and body image in the elite ballet world.

Directed by Nelson George
RT: 85mins

October 11th, 5pm — Warner Grand Theater

Limited Seating • Only 250 Tickets Available


Greg Reitman shares his past experiences of living in the Gulf War and witnessing the aftermath of Hiroshima, Japan and later the grievances of 911. Greg challenges the viewer; on what will it take for humanity to wake up and to stop the cycle of war & violence.

Directed by Greg Reitman
USA, 2014, RT: 97mins
Sunday Oct. 11 • 1pm • Warner Grand Theater


An inspiring, nostalgic human interest documentary about friendship, classic films, growing old, and living life to the fullest. It is the heart-warming story about a group of lively senior citizens who call themselves, ‘The Cliffhangers,’ and meet bi-weekly at a theater in Hollywood for over 35 years to watch and celebrate the classic American films of Hollywood’s golden era. As we learn the details of their coveted Saturday Matinees from childhood, it becomes apparent that these men’s lives are just as interesting as the movies they watch! Told through the lens of their individual lives and struggles, the singular steadfast thread of their brotherhood bond is their ardent love of old movies.

Directed by Inda Reid
USA, 2014, RT: 83mins
Saturday Oct. 10th • 10am • Warner Grand Theatre


Innovation in Filmmaking, 3D, Technology, and
the Future of the Planet
Panel Discussion to Follow the Screening

INNOVATION IN FILMMAKING, 3D, TECHNOLOGY AND THE FUTURE OF THE PLANET The film and television industry continues to be at the forefront of innovation. From 3D and green screens to iMax and CGI, the steadicam and digital film, the world of cinema has remained ceaselessly dedicated to technological advances throughout time. With the proliferation of digital platforms, tech solutions, and computer-based discoveries in the fields of special effects and filming, the innovations that lie ahead are certainly no less thrilling than those of the last 100+ years. Join us for a panel discussion following the screening with filmmakers John Bruno, Jonathan Kitzen and others for a 3D and Virtual Reality experience.

Directed by John Bruno, Ray Quint, Andrew WrightScreens
USA, RT: 90mins
Saturday Oct 10th • 6pm • Warner Grand Theater


Jonathan Kitzen pairs meticulously restored stereoscopic photographs with commentary by veterans of contemporary wars for a haunting reminder that the human cost of war has changed very little in the past century. Produced by Academy Award®-winner Nicholas Reed (The Lady In Number 6: Music Saved My Life), with moving narration by the late Academy Award winner and World War II veteran Mickey Rooney. Kitzen will also demonstrate a Virtual Reality version of the film for audiences during the Q&A that brings the viewer to a 360 version of the trenches.

Directed by Jonathan Kitzen
USA, RT: 28mins



Earth Speaks is a short documentary about the Earth as Mother and the impacts of oil and gas drilling on tribal lands in the United States, particularly the Blackfeet Reservation in North Central Montana. Outside entities promise economic wealth and prosperity to territories whose unemployment rate hovers at 70%. Exploitation of people, land, and resources is not new to the Native American. How does seeing the Earth with a ‘spiritual eye’ affect the oil and gas industry of Native Lands? Is there a connection between those views and others that are more pragmatic, and what alternative is there for a world dependent on fossil fuels?

Written & Directed by Rebecca Centeno
USA, 2015, RT: 11:51mins


Ocean explorer Jean-Michel Cousteau, filmmaker Jim Knowlton and a team of scientists explore tiny Swains Island, located 200 miles north of American Somoa andreachable only by boat. They camp on shore to study this remote island that has recently been named a National Marine Sanctuary. Jean-Michel dives its pristine Coral reefs that he says are as healthy as you can find. The scientists search for clues to the Island’s past use, especially by early Polynesians that settled the Island and used it as a stopover to reach distant Islands, and also when it was used as a family -owned copra plantation for over 100 years. They uncover many mysteries long-held on this tiny Island in this Jean-Michel Cousteau adenture.

Written & Directed by Jim Knowlton
USA, 2014, RT: 56mins


A documentary that follows environmental artist Mara G. Haseltine as she create a sculpture to reveal a microscopic threat beneath the surface of the ocean. During a Tara Oceans expedition to study the health of the oceans, Haseltine finds an unsettling presence in samples of plankton she collected. The discovery inspires her to create a sculpture that shows that the microscopic ocean world affects all life on Earth. The film features Mara Haseltine, Christian Sardet (The Plankton Chronicles, TARA Oceans) and Mark Anthony Browne (Ecologist NCEAS).

Written & Directed by: Emily V. Driscoll
USA, 2014, RT 8:58mins



Dudley was taken away from his mom when he was only a month old. He was shipped to auction and ended up at a cattle ranch, to be fattened up and slaughtered. At some point during his ordeal, Dudley got tangled in some bailing twine, cutting off all circulation to his foot–severing it completely. Hobbling around on 3 legs, his body began deteriorating and he was heading down a path to destruction. In an act of compassion, the rancher took pity and did his best to help, but could not manage the young bull’s injury. The Gentle Barn was called in and rushed Dudley to the University Tennessee Animal Hospital. After multiple surgeries he was fitted with a new prosthetic foot and underwent months of physical rehabilitation.

Throughout it all, Dudley demonstrates how a kind and playful spirit can help guide us through life’s toughest challenges. He now spends his life at the Gentle Barn Tennessee, helping children and adults find the courage and wisdom to persevere through their own life challenges.

Directed by Joey Julius
USA, RT: 18mins


Our Ocean Heritage is a short film about two boats that whose voyages celebrate ocean conservation. The Charles W. Morgan was a former whaling ship that now sails to highlight that whales still face threats today. And the Hokulea, a Polynesian voyaging canoe, is on a worldwide mission to promote the importance of working together to protect diverse cultural and natural treasures towards a more sustainable planet. In this film, three ocean luminaries, Jean-Michel Cousteau, Sylvia Earle and Nainoa Thompson great the Hokulea as it arrives in American Samoa and share their thoughts about the importance of these voyages and the need to protect the ocean.

Directed by Jim Knowlton
Written by Letise LaFeir
USA, 2014 RT: 6:21mins

BUKOWSKI • Sunday, October 11 • 4pm
The Grand Annex


Inspired by an incident in Charles Bukowski’s life, Sitting on a Fire Escape Eating Eggs tells the story of a drunkard who watches a human body fall past him, impacting on the sidewalk below. He runs to tell his girlfriend only to find that she does not believe his tale.

Directed by by Michael Stevatoni
USA, 2015, RT: 4:19mins


An animated short film following the misadventures of writer Charles Bukowski. Struck with writer’s block, ‘Hank’ encounters a winning thoroughbred, a thieving woman and a rabid dog on his day’s journey to inspiration.

Written & Directed by Greg Runnels
USA, 2011, RT: 4 min

NIRVANA: A Charles Bukowski Poem

Charles Bukowski’s Nirvana revolves around a young man traveling to an undetermined destination, questioning his purpose in the world. Along the young man’s aimless journey, he encounters a moment in time at a charming diner. In just that moment something is awakened inside of him, but even with a sense of purpose, sadness follows. “Nirvana” is a melancholy postcard from memories long past.

Directed by Patrick Biesemans
Written by Charles Bukowski
USA, 2013, RT: 5:30mins


Down and out, Marvin Denning (Jeff Markey), is on a mission to kill himself. He makes his way to downtown Los Angeles bridge to end his life only to be stopped by LAPD who force him to leave. The police follow him to a nearby diner where he chugs wine served by an obese, overly enthusiastic waitress, Diana (Kinna McInroe). The diner is held up by two masked thugs and again Marvin tries to kill himself by getting the thugs to shoot him. However; he turns into an unintentional hero by saving the patrons belongings. Diana reveals she is a Virgin and takes Marvin home with her.

Directed by Jeff Markey
Screenplay adapted by Jeff Markey
Based on the short story, THE SUICIDE, by Charles Bukowski
USA, 2007, RT: 14:52mins

SHORT TAKES 1 • Saturday, Oct 10 • 12pm
Warner Grand Theater


Nature has a marketing problem. Polar bears, ice caps, mass extinctions, and hurricanes are not waking people up fast enough.

A timely satire, “Nature Rx” challenges and reinvigorates the whole conversation about preserving our planet – inspiring people to look with totally fresh eyes at how we value our world, each other, and importantly ourselves. Delivered in a suitable post-modern capsule, a prescription drug commercial, with just the right mix of compassion, humor, and courageous honesty – “Nature Rx” reminds us who we really are – human beings – products of this Earth and what really matters when we get back to Nature.

Written & Directed by Justin Bogardus
USA, 2015, RT: 1:44mins


Billboard Pop Artist Jaysin Voxx releases his new music video ‘Hands on Me’ by awarding winning director Carlos A. Hurtado.

Written & Directed by Carlos Hurtado
USA, 2015, RT: 3:11mins


Summer Breeze follows Rachel, a young mother addicted to heroin, through her Cape Cod town, with her son in tow. Terrified of facing withdrawals, Rachel will stop at no cost to get high. Meanwhile, her son, Richard does his best to escape the world his mother has sucked him into.

Written & Directed by Peter Horgan
USA, 2014, RT: 9:25mins


Since Antoine, a travelling doctor, no longer takes the time to come and see her, Renée is convinced that she had been a bad mother.

Written & Directed by Cyrus Neshvad
Luxenbourg, 2014, RT: 11:11mins


Carlos is just another regular teenager in high school with just one friend: Juan, the classical nerdy guy. He’s in love with Sofia; the girl of his dreams. But, when all of a sudden, Angel, the hottest guy in school is starting to date her, he’ll work out something, along with Juan, that would change his entire life forever…THE HOLY CAVE

Written & Directed by Aleix Massot
Spain, 2015, RT: 15:20mins


Wiglum, 51, witnesses the ridiculous routine of human life in mindless motion at his local supermarket. Frustrated and desperate at his company, he interviews applicants for an undefinable job of cosmic importance.

Written & Directed by Kouros Alaghband
USA, 2015, RT: 20:00mins


The year is 1975, and Tom Ryder has made too many mistakes. This American spy is given one last chance in Moscow to prove his worth to the agency when Boss reluctantly assigns him a mission of the utmost importance. He must complete a routine exchange with a known enemy operative… But she is The Red Mantis, the world’s greatest mercenary, and she has plans of her own.

Written & Directed by Michael E. Ravitch
USA, 2014, RT: 19:40mins


Night. It is raining. An old man alone is in his house. He gives milk to a cat that has been soaked in the rain. His children begin one by one to arrive to begin his birthday celebrations.

Written & Directed by Mehdi Fard Ghaderi
Iran, 2015, RT: 24:00mins

SHORT TAKES 2 • Saturday, Oct 10 • 4pm
The Grand Annex


A young girl tries to get to school on time, but cannot and must pay the price.

Written & Directed by Saman Hosseinpuor
Iran, 2015, RT: 4:00mins


Original Music by Madeline Silberman

Directed Daniel Gaynor and Marieke de Koker
USA, 2015, RT: 5:02mins


A new short film out of CoffeeRing Entertainment about a group of friends who come together for a game of poker, when Slade [Chadwick Pelletier], suggests a Wild West game would have much higher stakes. With that, their world changes, and the group finds themselves in another place and time, playing… FOR BLOOD.

Written & Directed by Chadwick E. Pelletier
USA, 2015, RT: 


All Dwight wants to do is take his father, Walter, out to breakfast. But as Walter’s illness becomes clearer during one eventful morning, Dwight realizes their relationship can never be the same again.

Written & Directed by Nick Demos
USA, 2014, RT: 12:00mins


It’s 1976 and petite 18-year-old Amy is among the first class of female cadets accepted into military service academies. Under incredible emotional and physical strain, Amy struggles to survive her first day, battling vicious sexism, swallowing self-doubt, and fighting to prove she has what it takes.

Directed by Alexis Korycinski
Written by Julia Cox

USA, 2014, RT: 14:06


Finding that his life as a career criminal has left him empty, a middle aged gangster decides to retire for marriage and love. Tough choices must be made if he is ever going to have a chance at happiness.

Written & Directed Jason E. Johnson
USA, 2014, RT: 16:13mins


When a wanted cowboy lost in the desert discovers a young woman covered in blood who cannot speak English, he must quickly find a way out of their desperate situation. Soon a terrifying stranger comes out of the wastes, forcing a deadly confrontation.

Directed by Guillermo Polo
USA, 2015, RT: 19:18


Unbelief is the story of two men meeting in a park. It’s Christmas Eve. Kane is an assassin, on his way to do a job which means more to him than the usual killings he is paid to do. This time it’s personal.

Directed by Fabien Martorell
Written by Fabien Martorell and Michael Marshall Smith

USA, 2015, RT: 13:00

SHORT TAKES 3 • Sunday, Oct 11 • 11am
Warner Grand Theater


The Barber started cutting the boys hair while watching a Football game on TV.

Written & Directed by Saman Hosseinpuor
Iran, 2014, RT: 1:00min


Politically charged, witty, sexy… and raw, ‘Oval Room’ was officially released today by International runway model Gin Cooley. Gin recorded the song herself in rural west Tennessee with the most nominal equipment (yardsale electronics) on zero budget and no training. Indie Film director/DP Jeff Wyatt Wilson captured the authenticity of the song after visiting Gin in her rural hometown Paris Tennessee, where the song was originally recorded. Oval Room was written by Blaze Foley, an American singer/songwriter based out of Austin Texas. Foley initially wrote the song about Ronald Reagan, but Cooley’s rendition takes a much broader approach. To Gin, the song speaks corporate America and the great monopolies of the western worlds as well as the obvious political scrutiny. Viewers can enjoy some infamous presidential bloopers while watching Gin perform in hopes of easing some tension in the upcoming presidential election.

Directed by Jeff Wyatt Wilson
Written by Gin Cooley
USA, 2015, RT: 3:55mins


Parallel Chords (overture) is the true story of a young violinist struggling to assert her individuality amidst the intense pressure of her pianist father and the formidable weight of her own musical ability. Surreal images fill her interior life, and provide her with some escape, until she ultimately breaks free in reality.

Written & Directed by Catherine Dudley-Rose
USA, 2015, RT: 13:44mins


Nicolas lives in a retirement home and gets bored more and more every day. At night, he calls sexual services for homosexuals by phone to cheat his loneliness. The coming of a new lodger, Daniel, will shake up his life.

Written & Directed by Oskar Rosetti
Switzerland, 2015, RT: 25:51mins


This father was a loser, who abandoned his wife and children and finally wandered and fooled around as a taxi driver. To make for living, mom worked outside. Thus, Ming and Kang, sister and brother, had to rely on each other. Ming has already got used to Dad’s absence in her life. To mitigate suffering, she tried to forget this mishap. One afternoon, Dad, taciturn and irritable as usual, showed up suddenly. Since Kang has longed for a smart phone, Dad, Ming and Kang headed to purchase one. In the trip, the conflict and tension, reflecting their on-going mishap, arose, and finally resulted in their torching to each other and inevitable tragedy.

Written & Directed by Sing-Yan Tsai
Taiwan, 2015, RT: 23:52mins


A story of Food Fighter challenge by a jobless youth who doesn’t have anything to offer to the world – not in educational background, nor in looks, nor in professional skills or qualifications – except for one thing: “eating well.”

Written & Directed Jeongtae Kim and Jungmi Mun
South Korea, 2015, RT: 29:31mins

STUDENT SHORTS 1 • Saturday, Oct 10 • 2pm
The Grand Annex


Angelina is a young angel who has no wings.Ashamed of her disability, she becomes jealous of her brothers and pushes them away from her, rejecting their support. Her envy damages her relationship with her brothers, which forces her on a journey away from home, that changes her perspective.

Directed by Marwan Mokbel
Written by Marwan Mokbel and Yana Surits

USA, 2014, RT: 9:52mins


Nisei, a historical narrative, depicts the sad reality of an interracial couple and a Japanese American family torn apart by the rash decisions of the U.S. government in the wake of Pearl Harbor.

Directed by Brenna Malloy
Written by Leon Langford

USA, 2015, RT: 14:40mins


In the face of the brutal Ugandan anti-homosexuality bill, a group of dedicated men fight for equality and self-respect.

Written & Directed by Mor Albalak, Shaneika Gah-Kiu Lai,
Stephanie Lee Lincoln, Matthew Rogers, Nate Skeen

USA, 2013, RT: 13:13mins


Straw Dolls tells the story of a how a father and daughter sacrifice their own wellbeing for a mother and her young daughter. Based on a series of true events, the film takes place during the start of the Armenian Genocide.

Directed by Jon Milano
Written by Caitlin Riblett

USA, 2015, RT: 18:13


While anti-Semitism is on the rise in Nazi Germany, a young Jewish couple takes on a cultural practice that prohibits them from making physical contact… and as they yearn for each others touch, they express their love in ways they never would have imagined. In the midst of the Holocaust, the young couple hides in two claustrophobic bunkers that are only a wall apart. Unable to see, hear, or TOUCH one another–and with only a lamp to soften their darkness–they reminisce about their love story of the past, from when they first met, to the time they separated. As their love grows, the hatred during the Holocaust rises…and as their touch gets closer, so does the Gestapo.

Written & Directed by Michael Mike Canon
USA, 2015, RT: 17:57mins


A young woman must deal with the hardships of moving her mother into a nursing home.

Written & Directed by Eric Michael Otten
USA, 2014, RT: 20mins

STUDENT SHORTS 2 • Sunday, Oct 11 • 2pm
The Grand Annex


Our goal is to create an authentic, genuine story about the evolution of a father and daughter relationship after he is diagnosed with ALS. We are drawing upon the inspirational and incredible stories of the families we have met with ALS and aspire to incorporate each one of them into our film.

Adagio is a music term for tempo meaning to be played slowly. We chose this based on our protagonist, who loses a connection with her father after they lose their ability to play the piano together as his disease manifests. She transitions from a daughter to a caretaker role. The two ultimately learn more about each other than they ever anticipated.

Directed by Kevin Wolf
Written by Carlotta Harlan

USA, 2015, RT: 8:02mins


Alzheimer’s is a chronic neurodegenerative disease that accounts for roughly 60 to 80 percent of dementia cases. It is caused by the death or malfunction of nerve cells in the brain, and results in eventual deterioration of memory, behavior, and basic bodily functions. Those diagnosed with the disease live an average of 8 years after their symptoms first become noticeable-it’s been 11 years for Greg. He lives at a memory care facility in Chicago and can no longer walk, go to the bathroom, or feed himself without assistance, let alone carry on a conversation. Every day a man named Michael comes and visits for a couple hours. No one can say for sure if Greg knows who Michael is or why he comes every day, but from Michael’s point of view it’s only natural that he do so- after all, Michael has loved Greg since the day they met 40 years ago.

Directed by Amanda Le, Monica Petruzzelli, Riani Singgih, Gabe Schimmel
USA, 2015, RT: 16:31mins


A lonely old man’s life is turned upside down when a pain-in-the-ass neighbor moves next door

Written & Directed by Alex Fischman
Peru, 2015, RT: 15:00mins


Lisa, a 911 dispatch operator, must search for the music that disappears from the apartment next door in order to fall asleep again.

Directed by Jenna Kirshon
Written by Brianna Janes

USA, 2015 RT: 21:59mins


Alison, a 25-year-old artist, is about to be reunited with her childhood love and best friend, Jeremy, whom she hasn’t seen for ten years. Realizing that she has never stopped loving him, she believes they can rekindle those feelings. But things don’t always go according to plan. Unbeknownst to Alison, Jeremy has a deep secret he feels he must share with Alison at this time in their lives. This story is a sensitive portrayal of two people, who like all of us, are seeking unconditional love and acceptance. Will they find, in each other, what they both so desperately need?

Written & Directed by Alyxandra Press
Spain, 2014, RT: 28:00mins

BE ANIMATED • Saturday, Oct 10 • 12pm
Warner Grand Theater


Boy meets girl, gets girl, loses girl, and gets girl back in this tale of the trials of romantic possession.

Written & Directed by HAN Sang-eun, SI Dong-joo, and LEE Yu-jin
South Korea, 2014, RT: 4:21mins


A tree house embarks on a journey to find his lost friend.

Written & Directed by Adele Hawkins, Mikel Mugica and Soo Kyung Kang
USA, 2015, RT: 4:20mins


THE BALLAD OF IMMORTAL JOE is the third “chapter” of Beastly Bards, written with a nod to traditional cowboy songs and to the northern ballads of Robert W. Service. “Immortal Joe” puts a haunted twist on a tragically romantic Western. Voiced by the wonderful Canadian actor Kenneth Welsh (Twin Peaks, The Aviator, The Day After Tomorrow). Produced in partnership with our awesome friends at Varipix, The Ballad Of Immortal Joe is the third “chapter” in the silly rhyme collection “Beastly Bards”.

Directed by Hector Herrera
Written by Pazit Cahlon
Canada, 2015, RT: 7:00mins


A film about Bigfoot.

Written & Directed by Lars Ingelman
USA, 2013 RT:


An old man wakes up to a routine day with his cat, who is his only friend. After making his breakfast, while drinking his coffee near a window, he watches the street, people, and life. He wants to be inside this life like he used to be. Then he comes up with an idea to break this routine circle, and end his loneliness.

Written & Directed by Zeynep Kocak
Turkey, 2015, RT: 9:15mins


In a desolate place, a discovery by a mysterious entity sets in motion a chase through abstract space. As two organisms compete for the one light amid the darkness, their story reveals the volatile nature of power. “Chiaroscuro” is an exercise in minimalist aesthetics and visual storytelling. An open narrative, where it is up to the audience to connect the dots.

Written & Directed by Daniel Drummond
USA, 2015, RT 7:49mins


A chance encounter proves fateful for 2 robots mining on a desolate planet.

Written & Directed by Jack Anderson
USA, 2014, RT 8:42mins


A solitary dish washing robot living out his life in the back room of a restaurant is enlightened to the world that exists beyond his four walls, with the help of a small friend he breaks free of confinement to pursue his dream of exploration.

Written & Directed by Tom Teller
USA, 2015, RT: 8:35mins


A buddy picture about two houses who hit the road together in search of somewhere new to call home.

Directed by Pravin Vatt
Written by Vincent Lee
USA, 2014, RT:


A young girl’s imaginary friend goes missing one day and an unlikely friendship is struck up when she discovers that someone else has adopted her imaginary friend.

Written & Directed by Written and Directed by Job, Joris, and Marieke
The Netherlands, 2015, RT: 10:01mins


An old bear goes out every day to a busy street corner. He sets up a small wooden theater containing tin puppets of his own making. For a coin, the bear will set the mechanisms in motion, the marionettes will start to move and a story will unfold inside the box. Through the peephole passerbyes will see the life of a circus bear that longs to escape and return to his family.

Directed by Gabriel Osorio
Written by Daniel Castro
Chile, 2014, RT: 10:14mins

LUNAFEST • Sunday, October 11 • 12noon
The Grand Annex


A lighthearted slice of life about two mixed-race siblings visiting their extended Filipino family for lunch.

Directed by Dominique Lecchi
UK, 2015, RT: 9 mins


A young Iranian lifeguard, determined to participate in an international competition in Australia, experiences an unexpected obstacle when a new team member arrives.

Directed by Sarah Saiden
France, 2015, RT: 14 mins


One woman defies Fidel Castro’s ban on female boxing to follow her dreams of Olympic glory and become Cuba’s first female boxer.

Directed by Meg Smaker
USA, 2015, RT: 17 mins


Through the eyes of a deaf woman just diagnosed with breast cancer, communication’s role in understanding one another is explored.

Directed by Anna Schumacher
USA, 2015, RT: 18mins


A tired housewife loses her car in a shopping mall—sometimes problems can open a door to a whole new world.

Directed by Hanna Maylett
Finland, 2015, RT: 7 mins


An intimate look at parenting with no strings attached—a journey inside the transgender experience as lived by a six-year-old boy and his two loving parents.

Directed by Sarah Feeley
USA, 2015, RT: 14 mins

TO MY HORROR (Shorts) • Saturday, Oct 10 • 9pm
Warner Grand Theater


TRY AGAIN brings us into the mind of Walt Eichner, a middle-aged failure on the verge of ending it all. However, it turns out Walt isn’t any better at ending his life than he is at living it. Each attempt to formulate his grand demise is stymied by circumstance and bad planning, leading Walt to consider that suicide isn’t the neat solution he thought it would be.

Directed by Charles Pinion
Written by Adam Moore

USA, RT: 8:42mins


When Chloe meets her boyfriend’s parents for the first time, what’s really for dinner is something she never imagined. In the vein of ‘Meet the Parents’ meets ‘Shaun of the Dead,’ WHAT’S EATING DAD? is award-winning filmmaker Michael Goldburg’s hilariously absurd horror-comedy about literally surviving the future in-laws.

Written & Directed by Michael Goldburg
USA, 2014, RT: 10:53mins


Two down-on-their-luck party clowns find their turf invaded by vampire cirque mimes who have marked them for death.

Directed by John Skipp and Andrew Kasch
Written by Cody Goodfellow
USA, 2015. RT: 12:24mins


MONSTRUM is a short film about one man’s inability to let go of his past. Fears of childhood distill into a terrifying monster under a bed, a memory that grips the awkward Andrew. When Karen, a clerk at his local library, tries to get him to open up by showing him an ancient manuscript the results are disastrous. Spurred by this failure Andrew makes an attempt to defeat his fears, but the past has other ideas.

Written & Directed by Peter D. Johnston
USA, 2012, RT: 15mins


Inspired by true events. Scott Somers mysteriously experiences sleep paralysis when his wife Marie sleepwalks at night. Unbeknownst to him, she lives with a horrible secret that slowly begins to eat away at their relationship.

Written & Directed by Erik Gardner
USA, 2014, RT: 15mins


The dark events of a past life collide with Alice’s tumultuous present and expose a deep desire that changes her family forever

Directed by Emily Moss Wilson
Written by Emily Moss Wilson and Larry Soileau

USA, 2014, 23mins

Congratulations to our Screenplay Competition finalists:

The Oscar by Julie Liberman

Glow by Raymond Just

Summer Breeze/ Mama’s Boys by Peter Horgan

The Red Film by Noam Friedlander

USNB by Warren Hull

Winners will be announced at Closing Night Party Sunday October 11th.

Congratulations to our 2015 Winners!

Best Feature Film: 2030 Directed by Minh Nguyen-Vo

Best Documentary: A Ballerina’s Tale Directed by Nelson George

Best EcoDox: Ocean Heritage Directed by Jim Knowlton

Best Short Film: The Story of a Rainy Night by Mehdi Fard Ghaderi

Best Student Film: Unspoken by Eric Michael Otten

Best Horror Film: Drink by Emily Moss Wilson

Best Animation: Wire Cutters by Jack Anderson

Best Bukowski Film: Nirvana Directed by Patrick Biesemans

Best Music Video: Jaysin Voxx “Hands on Me”

Best Screenplay: The Red by Noam Friedlander