Documentary Short Films

October 15 • 4:00 pm
At The Space on Pacific

Love Unleashed

Love Unleashed is a short documentary that explores the deep emotional bond between humans and their beloved senior dogs. Through a series of honest and poignant interviews we get a glimpse into the unique and powerful relationships that people share with their treasured companions as they reflect on what it means to love unconditionally..

Directed by Kacey Klonsky

USA, 13 min 49 sec


Native American Actors Rick Mora and Saginaw Grant travel to New Zealand and Australia to meet with the Chief of the Maori which has not happened since 1963 as well as Australia’s Festival of Dreams and the Aboriginal Indigenous Communities. This cultural exchange has come to be known as The Global Unity Tour delivering A message of Honor, Tradition and Wisdom from the voice of the past and the voice of the future.

Directed by Callum Llewellyn and Eli ODonnell

USA, 22 mins


Surf Tribes: Evolution of Surfing

They grew up out of the Depression and World War Two, embracing a seaside culture from its Hawaiian roots. Wherever they found waves, they formed tribes, shaped their boards, lived by their wits, and kept the good times rolling up and down the California coast. Outsiders held them in contempt, and they had the surf all to themselves.

Directed by Nick Kypros

USA, 54 min

~ In memory of Director Nick Kypros ~