BUKOWSKI • Sunday, October 11 • 4pm
The Grand Annex


Inspired by an incident in Charles Bukowski’s life, Sitting on a Fire Escape Eating Eggs tells the story of a drunkard who watches a human body fall past him, impacting on the sidewalk below. He runs to tell his girlfriend only to find that she does not believe his tale.

Directed by by Michael Stevatoni
USA, 2015, RT: 4:19mins


An animated short film following the misadventures of writer Charles Bukowski. Struck with writer’s block, ‘Hank’ encounters a winning thoroughbred, a thieving woman and a rabid dog on his day’s journey to inspiration.

Written & Directed by Greg Runnels
USA, 2011, RT: 4 min

NIRVANA: A Charles Bukowski Poem

Charles Bukowski’s Nirvana revolves around a young man traveling to an undetermined destination, questioning his purpose in the world. Along the young man’s aimless journey, he encounters a moment in time at a charming diner. In just that moment something is awakened inside of him, but even with a sense of purpose, sadness follows. “Nirvana” is a melancholy postcard from memories long past.

Directed by Patrick Biesemans
Written by Charles Bukowski
USA, 2013, RT: 5:30mins


Down and out, Marvin Denning (Jeff Markey), is on a mission to kill himself. He makes his way to downtown Los Angeles bridge to end his life only to be stopped by LAPD who force him to leave. The police follow him to a nearby diner where he chugs wine served by an obese, overly enthusiastic waitress, Diana (Kinna McInroe). The diner is held up by two masked thugs and again Marvin tries to kill himself by getting the thugs to shoot him. However; he turns into an unintentional hero by saving the patrons belongings. Diana reveals she is a Virgin and takes Marvin home with her.

Directed by Jeff Markey
Screenplay adapted by Jeff Markey
Based on the short story, THE SUICIDE, by Charles Bukowski
USA, 2007, RT: 14:52mins