SHORT TAKES 4 • Sunday, Oct 7 • 3pm


A newlywed wife, moving into her husband’s ancestral home, notices something amiss when the beautiful tree in the front yard seems to take a dislike to her.

Directed by Peter Davidson
USA • RT: 17:54


An intense, controversial and shocking sci-fi drama about six racist bar patrons that get into a heated violent argument, only to find peace in a most unexpected way. Winner of the Best Short Film award at the Sci-On International Film Festival in Reno, Nevada.

Directed by Web Pickersgill
USA • RT: 14:58


Four thirty something best friends, 3 guys and a girl, deal with the complicated and confusing gender expectations in relationships as they search for love in modern day L.A.

Directed by Louie Salto & Jesse Salto

USA • RT: 45:00


Community theatre: the stakes are high, but the expectations are low. The actors are insane. The playwright hasn’t finished the script. The stage manager is at her wits end, the theatre smells like goat cheese… and the director is loving every minute of it.

USA • RT: 14:24