SHORT TAKES 1 • Friday, Oct 5 • 9pm


The true story of Virginia Christian, a 16-year-old African American girl accused of murder in the Jim Crow South.

Directed by Ashley Paige Brim
USA • RT: 16:07


A down and out dad is ready to do just about anything to watch his team play the World Series—and that includes hanging out with his neighbor’s daughter.

Directed by Randall Whittinghill
USA • RT: 14:53


A beautiful and naive actress stumbles into the wrong producer’s office…what happens next is a bloody shame.

Directed by Chris Game
USA • RT: 7:48


A street-smart hustler uses his invention to give people extraordinary skills for few hours but finds himself in trouble when the wrong people hear about it.

Directed by Michael A. Krehan
USA • RT: 17:00


A little girl from East LA dreams of the perfect Quinceañera dress when her life takes a drastic turn after an incident of domestic violence.

Directed by Juan Escobedo
USA • RT: 17:00


A 40-something, professional woman discovers a lump on her breast during a routine self-exam, and must navigate a laggard medical system to get a diagnosis.

Directed by Valerie Resciniti
USA • RT: 13:34


A remarkable story of a local community’s urban garden in the San Pedro area of Los Angeles. The film is a visually rich, poetic, and contemplative glimpse into the rejuvinating powers of community gardening.

Directed by Maclovia Martel
USA • RT: 14:32